Chaplain (BG) Don Rutherford
BG Don Rutherford
President, CRMA
US Army Chaplain Museum Fort Jackson SC
US Army
Chaplain Museum
Fort Jackson, SC

The Chaplain Regimental Museum Association where the Past, Present and the Future come together through continuing service to God and Country.

From the Executive Director...

Welcome to the Chaplain Regimental Museum Association Website, our public face. It provides us a way for us to represent and continue the Chaplaincy’s Service to God and Country, Support to Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen, History, traditions and values at the heart of the nation.

Our website is a great way for us to communicate among ourselves, rediscover friends, and make new ones.

The private chaplaincy section of the site is behind the Member’s Area Tab. When you click on it, the site will be asked to Log In. If you are already a member of either the CRMA or of the Chaplaincy Corps Regimental Association, we will permit you into the site and associate your membership information with your account.

Behind the Member’s Tab you will find areas for discussion, posting your contributions to the tapestry of Chaplaincy History, and contact information for members who wish to share it. You will also be able to post news items of interest to the members. We will add Chaplaincy news stories from across the military.

This is a new venture for those of us who were part of the Chaplaincy Corps Regimental Association (the CCRA), our heritage organizations. Please e-mail me with any suggestions, comments, or criticisms you might have. The site is at its very beginning. Take your opportunity to make it better and more useful to you.

Join or Form a Local Chapter

As a grass roots organization, the CRMA relies upon its membership to spread the good news of the Chaplain Regimental Museum Association. Local chapters provide opportunities to tell the Chaplain Corps' story to local churches, ministerial and community leaders and they maintain Chaplain Corps' collegiality by bringing active, Guard, Reserve, and retired members together locally in fellowship and service.


Membership in the CRMA is open to all military personnel (officer and enlisted) and their families, retired military personnel and !heir families, Department of Defense employees and other individuals who are interested in and willing to further the aims of CRMA and the US Army Chaplain Museum, such interest and willingness being expressed through payment of annual dues. Life memberships are available.